Kyocera Milano

14a8644bca166bf3d36b36cd14273fccKyocera Milano $49.99


Want an Android® phone that fits your style, your budget and your hand? Try this one on for size. The ergonomic curves, QWERTY keyboard and 3.2 MP camera make the Kyocera Milano hard to put down.

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  • Gingerbread for faster texting and streaming rich content.
  • Touch, tap and swipe like you mean it. Great for apps and games.
  • Bang out texts, IM and email lightning fast, on a slider QWERTY keyboard.
  • Your life, captured in pictures and video. Now share it.
  • Connect to your local Wi-Fi network for even faster speeds and find where you need to go around town or across the country with GPS access.
  • Find the message you’re looking for without having to listen to all those calls you ignored.
  • Certified by the independent UL Environment, this phone contains environmentally-preferable materials with a minimal environmental impact
  • Make your phone a reflection of who you are. Choose ID packs featuring apps, ringtones, wallpaper and more.
  • Height 4.1″
  • Weight 5.6 oz
  • Width 2.4″
  • Screen Size 3″ screen
  • Depth 0.7″
  • Talking Time 7.7 hrs
  • Battery Type Lithium Ion 1490mAh
  • Removable Yes
  • 512MB RAM / 512MB ROM
    Portion of memory occupied by existing content
  • 800 MHz Processor